Click on the pictures to see the progression of work.

Proper preparation is the secret of a successful landscaping project.

When you chose 
HDVS Landscaping, 
you are guaranteed
quality and excellence.

Our strong German work ethic compels us to 
go the extra mile 
to ensure you receive 
the highest standard 
for enduring quality.
Our highly trained, professional crew stays focused on your project
from start to finish, getting the job done faster with the highest standard of excellence.

We did the stone work 
and planted all perennials and shrubs. 
Now look at it two years later! (See photos below)
Good Landscaping should not only reflect the aesthetics of your home, but should also enhance the quality of your lifestyle.

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Welcome to the landscaping  Gallery of HDVS.
We have a wide variety of different materials and styles from which you can choose.
You are sure to find something that fits your taste.
Retaining Walls
Scroll through the Gallery 
for inspiration. 
We can make your ideas 
become a reality.

 Transform your yard into a
stunning display 
of orderly lines and angles, 
or natural curves surrounding nature.
balanced combination 
of design elements 
artistically embraces 
the natural beauty 
of the great outdoors.
Less is more 
with a controlled flow 
of lines and curves.
Decades of experience, 
advanced German 
skills and techniques, 
along with a vast knowledge 
of landscape design 
and composition 
are at your disposal.
We can enhance your property 
with roadside appeal 
by working within the parameters of your budget.
grand entrance makes 
a great first impression.
Increase the value of your home 
by displaying the entry elevations
with enticing curves and angles.
Create a "country" feel 
to your yard by building 
a stone walkway. 
Brick, by contrast, 
will complement a formal landscape design. 

A well designed patio 
brings outdoor living 
to your home and garden. 

Photo on right showcases newer material from Browns Concrete /2015.
Appian stone is reminiscent 
of ancient Roman roadways. It comes in three distinct sizes for infinite possibilities. 
Inset is a 
Venetian Classic Circle.
Proper groundwork and quality materials are vital for a quality driveway.

You cannot afford to take shortcuts 
if you want your project 
to endure the test of time.

Retaining Walls
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Design by JN Harvey Landscape Architekt
Design by JN Harvey Landscape Architekt
Design by JN Harvey Landscape Architekt
Design by JN Harvey Landscape Architekt
Design by JN Harvey Landscape Architekt
Design by JN Harvey Landscape Architekt
Design by JN Harvey Landscape Architekt