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You Can Now Buy Europe`s Best Selling & Highest Quality
                 Masonry Barbecue Fireplace
               Direct From The Manufacturer

Buschbeck masonry barbecue fireplaces are the only brand in
      Europe that feature double walled construction.

This means you are able to use many different fuel types with    your Buschbeck such as logs, heat logs, charcoal, lumpwood       charcoal, briquettes and even gas with the Buschbeck gas                                 burner insert !                                                 

made in germany
Picture with the pizza insert
Buschbeck masonry barbecues are extremely durable and have completely           finished surfaces that require no treatment or painting ever.   

     They are totally resistant to the effect of ice, frost and snow !

Buschbeck Masonry Barbecues & Accessories Come With A 2 Year                                      Manufacturers Warranty !