We distinguish between two different products: organic and inorganic. 
Both contain three key macro-nutrients: 
N-P-K ~ Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
They play a major role in ensuring proper growth, 
healthy greens and long-lasting, vibrant blooms.
Knowing the right fertilizer to use in specific applications 
will ensure that your plants will thrive. 
Coated fertilizer ~ slow-release ~ long term growth.
N-P-K is described in number percentages, for example: 26-0-8.
Plants take fertilizer through the roots or leaves. A proper balance of N-P-K makes certain the whole plant is getting what it needs.
Lime is a key soil additive that helps balance pH level's.
 It enables the soil to retain proper nutrition and deters 
washout after the first rain shower.
 Iron is the most common mineral in micro-nutrition, establishing darker greens. While important, it doesn't 
have the primary impact on plants like N-P-K.
HDVS has the skill and knowledge 
to properly apply fertilizers to your 
yard and garden for optimum growth 
in each specific season.